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Your gut matters more than you might think.

I teamed up with 3 Functional Physicians, 5 Health Coaches, and a Psychotherapist to bring you the latest information and research on the gut-brain connection.

Together we developed a 28 Day program where you will be guided through a gentle detox to reset your central command center, your digestive tract, and restore intestinal flora for optimal functioning.

My 20 years of experience navigating the gut/brain connection have given me the passion to help you find the same positive results we have had with our son.



• Advice on Gut health from top experts in their field

• Updates on Nutritional science

• Practical application of functional medicine

• Get your questions answered

• Health Benefits of Detoxification

• Mental Health

• Free eBook

• Daily practices that make a difference

• More informed patient

• Reduced belly bloat and fatigue, brain fog

• Develop a personal action plan for your own physical and emotional health

• Learn powerful breathing exercises to optimize the Vagus nerve

• 10 techniques to make your home cleaner

• Improve the quality of your sleep

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Get Started today and receive our eBook 
GUT MATTERS Optimize Your Digestion to Boost
 Your ‘Second Brain’ & Improve Your Mood!

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